Our Team

The Fitch Company provides service you can count on and people you can trust. Our professional staff brings just the right mix of expertise and in-depth knowledge to every project — so you can be sure your job gets done right, and on time.

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Lead Engineers

Mark Bolduc

Mark P. Bolduc, P.E.
President – Rumford, ME

Thomas Scott
Lead Project Engineer – Gray, ME

Charles M. LeDuc, P.E.
Lead Project Engineer – Rumford, ME

Robert Arsenault
Lead Project Engineer – Rumford, ME

Eric J. Arsenault
Lead Controls Engineer – Rumford, ME

Jeremiah J. Whitmore
Lead Controls Engineer – Rumford, ME


Steve Gaudet
Senior Project Engineer – Gray, ME

Jacob Bartol
Senior Project Engineer – Bangor, ME

Daniel M. Stiehl, P.E.
Senior Controls Engineer – Bangor, ME

David Hopper
Project Controls Engineer – Rumford, ME

Jonathan Belanger, P.E.
Project Engineer – Bangor, ME

David Souweine
Engineer – Bangor, ME


James Doty
Engineer – Bangor, ME

Brendan Mahns
Engineer – Rumford, ME

Stephen Leen
Engineer – Rumford, ME


Field Engineer Technicians

David Baker
Engineering Technician – Gray, ME

Mike P. Brennick
Field Technician – Rumford, ME

David J. Parent
Engineering Technician – Gray, ME

Richard Broad
Engineering Technician – Gray, ME

Designers / Drafters

Brian Lee
Designer / Drafter – Bangor, ME

Michael D. Phelps
Designer / Drafter – Rumford, ME


Heide E. Munro
Drafter – Gray, ME

John W. Zook
Drafter – Gray, ME

Business Services

Sally D. Hartford
Chief Financial Officer – Bangor, ME

Patti Daigle
Procurement Specialist – Rumford, ME

Kim Bolduc
Administrative Specialist – Rumford, ME

Sara Marsh
Administrative Specialist – Bangor, ME

Engineering Interns

Julia Perry
Engineering Intern – Rumford, ME