What our client partners have to say about us

“The Fitch Company is tremendously thorough in its ability to come in, research documentation, complete drawings and then design an automated digital control system to replace manual analog. And as far as meeting a schedule and budget goes, The Fitch Company is one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

“We’ve been working with The Fitch Company for ten years or more, and we’ve been very satisfied. From CAD projects to systems installation, the people in their company do thorough, high-quality work.”

“When we needed a DCS upgrade for C recovery on short notice, The Fitch Company took only three months to do six months of work, and they did an excellent job. They have great field personnel who moved their schedules around so they could be here whenever I needed them.”

“Members of The Fitch Company staff taught three classes as part of our ongoing apprenticeship program, and we’ve had excellent feedback. Participants in each onsite course — Digital Logic, Microprocessors and PLCs — have commented on the ‘outstanding teachers’ and said things like they ‘hated to miss any part of the course because it was all worth being there for.’

“The Fitch Company has enough talented people and in-depth knowledge of our facility that they’ll be a good resource for continuing training of our current technicians as well as beginning training for our apprentices.”