Boiler & Steam Systems

Utilities – Steam and Power: Generation & Distribution

At The Fitch Company, we understand steam, and steam power distribution, with particular expertise in boilers and boiler combustion controls. We know that since boilers produce a utility and not a product, many are allowed to operate with older, unreliable controls and instrumentation, and need to be upgraded. Others need upgrades because of environmental issues.

Boiler & Steam Application Process

The Fitch Company tackles boiler upgrades like any automation project – by first understanding how the process currently operates. We survey the existing control system, field instruments and motor interlocks. We develop a P & ID of the boiler and related processes and determine how the boiler is currently controlled. We then depict the strategy using standard Scientific Apparatus Manufacturers Association (SAMA) documentation.

Next, we specify any new instrumentation as well as new control hardware required for either the boiler controls or the burner management system. For BMS upgrades, The Fitch Company provides detailed design, software configuration, construction coordination, and start-up services. We then develop the wiring diagrams needed for installation and a new boiler control strategy that uses the existing system as a base and incorporates input from boiler operators.

The Fitch Company has developed and programmed boiler systems using several vendor control systems. Since boiler upgrades typically necessitate a change from panel-based indicators and controls to graphic displays, we provide operator training to assist with the transition.

We also provide around-the-clock attention from our design and programming engineers for every boiler start-up, and test the boiler operation at several loads and through several upset conditions to verify that the control strategy is tuned to handle “normal” plant operation. We then finalize the record drawings for the upgrade and file all documentation with your facility.