Winder Controls

The Fitch Company engineers have in-depth experience with both two-drum and single-drum winders from multiple manufacturers. We have implemented many applications from conceptual design to system start-up, and we are known for providing invaluable operator and E/I training and extensive documentation before we leave your site. 

The Fitch Company is not in the maintenance business.  We provide necessary control system information required for plant personnel to maintain system.  Follow up support via dial up connection is provided when further assistance is needed for plant personnel. 

Projects include:

  • Jagenberg Teleset/Telebock replacements on new winders and retrofit applications.  System controls automatic recipe setup, station positioning (single drum), slitter positioning, roll width — diameter — dependent nip pressure controls by controlling station pressure, rider roll pressure, and friction damper pressure.  System also provides auto stop on windup diameter or lineal footage.
  • Operator control upgrade, including the replacement of discrete operator buttons and potentiometers with single HMI devices and necessary E-stop controls
  • Load cell installation and control system implementation in existing winder drive systems
  • Motor generator set replacement with new digital drive system
  • Analog drive replacements
  • Stop on diameter and stop on lineal footage implementation using PLC systems

We implemented all applications using standard PLC hardware and drive equipment, and left the client with thorough hardware and software documentation for clear, user-friendly maintenance.

The Fitch Company uses the machine and mechanical discipline-specific expertise provided by Lee Nelson of Thayer Brook Associates for our winder and finishing system control solutions.