Burner Management Systems

Many industrial facilities are dealing with old legacy Burner Management Systems.  Recent Natural Gas availability and cost effectiveness have led many plants to convert from various oil fuels to dual fuel (oil/gas) or solely to  natural gas.  In some instances we have recommended the plants to continue dual fuel capability.  This recommendation has proven to be very beneficial in light of the natural gas price volatility that exists in the Northeastern United States. 

Fitch Solution:

Our solution uses Rockwell's various platforms for BMS systems including ControlLogix and CompactLogix.  We have supplied BLRBAC compliant SIL II rated systems (for pulp and paper recovery boilers) in multiple facilities.  Our delivered systems include BMS systems for power boilers and package boilers.

Our unique ability to field engineer retrofit applications has given us competive advantage in challenging applications.  Human machine interface options for The Fitch Company BMS's are numerous.