Our History

The Fitch Company was founded by John Fitch in July 1986.  It was established as a pulp and paper engineering consulting firm. 

In 1991, the company hired chief financial officer Ronald St. Pierre to manage the business office resulting from the company growth. The company was incorporated in January 1992 and the corporate office was located in Bangor. The operation had grown into an engineering firm employing over 25 engineers, draftspeople, and technicians.

The dynamic in the pulp and paper industry changed in the 90's and 00's.  As a result, the company has broadened its base into other industries.  We currently serve industries in power generation and distribution, natural gas, bio-fuels, food and beverage, pulp, paper and wood products.  

John Fitch retired and sold the company to long time employee, engineer Mark Bolduc, in January 2004. Today, three offices are located in Bangor, Gray and Rumford, Maine.  This includes a fully functioning UL508A control panel fabrication ship in our Rumford facility.